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ING International

상품 목록
Red Ginseng
( Model Number : ING-006 )
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Red Ginseng

Products Name: Korean Red Ginseng Honey Powder Stick


Package unit: 3g*10 sticks / Paper Box


Ingredients: Honey Powder(70%), Korean Red Ginseng Powder(30%)


Use: This well-blended superior Korean red ginseng honey powder, with an original red ginseng

taste and flavor, suits all age groups from the young to the old. It is packaged in 3g stick

and takes without water


Exp: 2Year


Feature: A high quality health tea made with Korean Red Ginseng and Honey powder without


It is a granular type of tea, which enables you to easily experience the true flavor of red ginseng.

Now Korean Red Ginseng Honey Powder delivery plan in the South Korean military force on October


Export of         Europe (Germany Branch), U.S.A, JAPAN, FILAND


Korean red ginseng: Korea Ginseng is not only a species different from those of American ginseng or Chinese ginseng, but it is also grown in an optimal geographical environment with climatic conditions suitable for growing superior quality ginseng.

The latitudinal range in which the majority of Korea ginseng farming is carried out extends from 36 to 38 north, where the growing period (180days) is longer than that of other areas (120 to 130 days). This longer growth time is instrumental to the development of harder and denser internal tissues and the safekeeping of innate flavor.

icon   Origin Republic of Korea
icon   Material Red Ginseng
icon   Delivery lead time 30 Days
icon   Minimum order Negotiable
icon   Supply ability Negotiable

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